What’s stocked?

I am not quite your typical bourbon collecter.  I do not get a bourbon to sit on a shelve so that one day I will enjoy it.  I buy bourbon to drink and enjoy.  So, I always like to stock a good mix of bourbons.  Some traditional, rye and wheat.  A couple every day drinkers, mid/high end and 15+ year bottles to more special occasions or a shitty day.  You will come to understand that I tend to lean more towards cask strength/high proof selections.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof – 12 year old, 67% and $40.  There were two releases, both great, but if you find the 67.1% version… buy it.  EC is one of the best value, high end bourbons.

Elijah Craig 21 year – Great viscous mouthfeel.  Oaky as you expect from something this old, but not as overpowering as many are.  I taste a good amount of caramel and cinnamon notes mixed in which balance to bourbon well.  A steal at $140 for something of this age/quality.

Knobb Creek – $30, 50% 9 year old.  one of my favorite every day drinkers.  Good value and great balance of sweetness, spice, vanilla and oak.

W.L. Weller 107 –  53.5% $20. One of the absolute best value bourbons.  Smooth and sweet.  Normally, I do not wheat bourbons due to the sweetness.  This one is balanced well due to the high high alcohol percentage.  If you like Maker’s Mark(I don’t), try this.  Half the cost and double the taste.

Four Roses Single Barrel – 50% $40.  This is one of most complex and unique bourbons out there.  Spicy, good bite, but with some fruit/floral notes as well.  I try to always keep on hand because there really isn’t anything like it.

Booker’s – 64%, $50.  Most find this bourbon a bit harsh.  The alcohol will take over a bit.  That is what I like in this bourbon.  The high spice and high alcohol percentage are not for the faint of heart.  This is what I would call a man’s bourbon.

Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old – 45% $55.  One of my favorites.  It is the most well balanced rye bourbon.  Spicy, but has a nice sweetness that mellows it out.

Old Forester Signature 100 Proof – For $20 a bottle it is another great value bourbon.  I do prefer Weller at that price, but I usually keep a couple cheaper value options.

Personalized Old Forrester 1949 – unopened gem


Other Wiskey:
Sure, sometime you just feel like a different devil.  I was not sure if I was going to post this, but why not.

Lagavulin 16 (single malt scotch) – smokey, peaty and just really smooth

Whistle Pig (10 year) rye – the smoothest rye whiskey you will ever buy.

Prichard’s White Lightning – honestly, its not great, but it just something different.

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