The Craft Beer Movement

Screw technology, screw science. I think beer is the thing that has grown the most in the past 5 years.  American beer used to be laughed at, ridiculed, it was American piss water(Well, some still is). Luckily, those times are ending.  We are on the forefront of beer development.  Europe is too stuck in the past(though they have some damn good brews), the Asian pallet can not accept the harshness of some of the best brews and Africa/south America , do they even brew? In the past 8 months alone, there has been 463 new breweries emerge in the USA(

Honestly, I think this movement has come due to websites like and .  The US mentality is to have the best and the greatest of everything.  Beer is not excluded from that.  Does it mean that Budweiser/Coors will go away? No.  There are still a ton of people who hate their taste buds and would rather punish them with the cheap alternative.  But every % that these newer beers take, the more hope I have for America.  I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.


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