Introducing: The Unity Bottle – A First Look

So, I received this email through Heaven Hill.  I subscribed because one of my grandfathers passed due to ALS, so this is near to my heart.  You will see the ALS Parker’s Heritage bottle on my bourbon to watch for over the holidays.  And now, you will see it here.  This is directly from Heaven Hill about the first time any bourbon is a collaboration with so many distilleries and a limited to two crystal decanters.  Buy this bourbon, it will be great and for a good cause.  If you have the money, bid on these decanters.

Master Distillers’ Unity, A One-Of-A-Kind Exclusive Bottling

Dear Friend,

Here at Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. and the Bardstown Whiskey Society, we are excited for you to be among the first to know about a new and unprecedented bottling. Recently, Heaven Hill Master Distiller Parker Beam was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Since being given this diagnosis, Parker is using his Bourbon legacy to bring awareness to the disease, including a special Parker’s Heritage Collection “Promise of Hope” release and a one-of-kind, exclusive bottling.

This exclusive bottling, entitled Unity, is a one-of-kind, never-before-done bottling, where the seven Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries have come together to marry their Bourbon into one. There exists within the Bourbon industry a very unique brotherhood among Master Distillers. So, when Parker was diagnosed with ALS, it was natural for him to reach out to this brotherhood and ask for their help. Immediately, he received an overwhelming positive response and some specially selected Bourbon from each.

The result is Master Distillers’ Unity…a skillfully crafted blend of seven Bourbon mashbills bottled unprocessed and unfiltered at 100 proof. It marks the first and only time that these distilleries have come together to produce a united product. Two elegant crystal decanters with silver closures of this rare Bourbon will be offered at the Bonham’s Whisky, Cognac and Rare Spirits auction in New York City on October 13th. These two decanters are enclosed in a specially designed wooden chest, which bears the signatures of all the participating Master Distillers.

All proceeds from the auction will go toward the Parker Beam Promise of Hope Fund, established to raise money for research and patient care by The ALS Association in honor of the 6th Generation Master Distiller.

Now, we ask for your help. Please spread the word about the Unity bottling by sharing this e-mail with your friends, family and fellow Bourbon lovers. Visit for more details and the latest information.


Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. and the Bardstown Whiskey Society

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