My Top 10 Beers

This will really be the post that will see if you will like or hate my beer section of this blog.  You will not see any fruity beers, or others lacking flavor.  If that is what you are looking for, just stop reading now.  I like a strong beer, with lots of flavor.  I want and need you to post on this blog.  Tell me what you hate or love.  Tell me what I may be stupid  of leaving out.  It could just be that I have yet to try the beer, I dislike it, or I am just stupid(I have not tried either Pliny nor Westvleteren yet).  I will not know, until I hear from you.

I start this with the words of one of my favorite beers, Double Bastard from Stone Brewery.
“Warning: Double Bastard Ale is not to be wasted on the tentative or weak. Only the Worthy are invited, and then only at your own risk. If you have even a modicum of hesitation, DO NOT buy this bottle. Instead, leave it for a Worthy soul who has already matriculated to the sublime ecstasy of what those in the know refer to as “Liquid Arrogance.”

10) Stone Imperial Russian Stout – 10.80% – Black as night, smokey sweetness.  It has big chocolate, roast and earthy notes.  A little pricey, but delicious.

9) Bear Republic, Cafe Racer 15 – Double IPA 9.75% – Overall great IPA.  Good newer beer coming up from Bear Republic

8) Maine Beer Company, Lunch – IPA 7% – Very crisp, mild bitterness due to the sweetness of this beer.  Great IPA with a smooth mouthfeel.

7) Peak Organic, Hop Noir – American Black Ale 8.20% – For such a malty beer, you can taste it’s freshness.  The hop flavor is very mild you do not get the citrus, flowery flavors that many normal IPAs would have.  I enjoy that as I am happy not eating flowers.

6) Dogfish Head, 90 minute IPA – American Double / Imperial IPA 9% – Big hop explosion up front that smooths out well due to the alcohol.  It almost has a creamy like texture.  The malt of this beer bumps it above some over double/ipas.

5) Troeggs, Nugget Nectar – Amber / Imperial Red Ale 7.50% – A fantastic value beer.  It packs fantastic Ale and IPA type flavors.  The best part is that a 6 pack is about $10.

4) Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout – American Double / Imperial Stout 1 year in oak 11.20% – Oak, Vanilla, Coffee and classic stout chocolate notes.  If you like Stouts that are less smooth and full of flavor, this is the one for you.

3) Stone, Enjoy By – American Double / Imperial IPA 9.40% – This is the only thing I have found to rival Heady Topper.  Well balanced IIPA that just leaves you mouth feeling refreshed.

2) Alchemist, Heady Topper –  American Double / Imperial IPA 8% – Honestly, the is the smoothest IIPA I have ever drank.  Full of flavor and a beer that you can keep drinking all day.  Most IIPA you have one or two and then you are good, not with this extremely well balanced brew.

1) Stone, Double Bastard Ale – American Strong Ale 11.40% – Harsh, Strong, Malty beer.  This beer is not for the faint of heart or sensitive taste buds.  The flavors hit you hard and don’t stop.

I need to try either Pliny, Hill Farmstead Brewery Beers, Lawson’s or Hopslam,  That will change the list a bit.

3 responses to “My Top 10 Beers

  1. Good choices. Pliny is very good although I haven’t had any in a few years :(. I also need to try some Lawson’s for obvious reasons.

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