21st Amendment Brewery Review

I am always excited to check out breweries as I travel.  I have had a couple of 21st’s beers and was really looking forward to trying some more.  Boy, was I disappointed.  Now, don’t get me wrong, they have a few great beers.  But, aside from those I was disappointed.  The stuff that is distributed is hoppy, flavorful and and delicious.  So, I could have just been expecting that.  The beers that they have on tap were all high in roasted malt.  The flavor resignated through most of the beers.  I had 8 different beers and you can see how the ratings run the gambit.

My favorite:
Hop Crisis: 94 IBU, 9.7% – now this is a beer.  I can tell that they like malty beers here at 21st.  Well balanced combo of hops, malt and alc.  It def has a nice sweetness from the malt and oak vanilla that balances the strong IBU and high alc and some oakiness.  I am going to have to try this a few more times, but it could be a new beer for my top 10.  I was disappointed that they only had it canned, but I was happy to have it again.  Well balanced 9.5/10.

Brew Free or Die: The ode to New Hampshire – 7% 70 IBU.  Crisp, refreshing, grapefruit, pepper, very light hops for an IPA.  Even though it say it is 70 IBU, to me it seems more like 60.  Maybe it is due to drinking 90-110 IBU beers mostly.  8/10

Back in Black: 6.8% 65 IBU.  You do not get the hops from the smell.  The nose definitely hit more on the malts.  But, once you take your first sip the hops hit you.  It is a well balance Black Ale, but nothing that I would seek out.  6.5/10

Fat Bavarian – mix of bud light and a wheat beer.  12 IBU 5.1%.  4/10

Jenn’s Common – sweet caramelly, malty flavor. 6% 38 IBU.  Hops finish the beer back of pallet (7/10)

Oktoberfest – nice warm roasty flavor.  Malt heavily roasted.  Smooth on pallet, but spicy flavor from the malt 6/10

Roasted American – The name says it, roasted malt, malt, malt.  It is like they took the Oktoberfest and just added 10lbs of roasted flavor 4/10.

MCA Stout – Session stout.  The malt takes over this stout and it is everything you can taste.  Unless the MC and A all stand for malt, I would change the name.  Not my cut of tea.  2/10

The only beers that they distribute are Hop Crisis, Brew Free or Die, Back in Black and some Watermelon beer.  You cannot go wrong with the brews they distribute.  Just, don’t feel like you need to make the trip to the brewery in San Francisco.  If it was not next to the apartment that i rented, I would have been more disappointed.

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