Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2013 Review

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2013Each year, Brown-Forman’s master distiller Chris Morris selects a set of top quality barrels that were distilled and filled on a single day of production. These barrels are pulled after turning 12 years old and are blended into a 98 proof, special edition small batch bourbon.

This is one of my favorite series of bourbons.  I posted a while ago about a flight that I did on one of my work trips.  The 2005 bourbon was my favorite offering to that date.  That has now changed.  The 2013 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon is my new favorite.  Brown-Foreman does it again with selection.

If you enjoy a sweeter bourbon, this may be your bourbon of the year.  Honestly, it makes me drool thinking of all of the things I like about this bourbon.  I normally like a bourbon with a bit more kick, spice and less sweetness.  For some reason, this just hits the spot.  It is as balanced as a bourbon this sweet could be.  The caramel, maple syrup, vanilla flavors are balanced with the cinnamon spice and lightly oaked flavor.

If you see it, buy it.  Good luck finding it though, the word is out on this bourbon.  10/10
Value 11/10

2 responses to “Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2013 Review

  1. Definitely not Greg – I was lucky enough to have a good friend in Tennessee that was able to ship me a bottle. Come to think of it, his name was Greg, too bad that was not you.

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