Lawson’s, Maine, Founders Reviews and more

Double Dose IPA – American Double/Imperial IPA 8.5% Lawson’s Finest finally distributed(sort of)!  This was a collaboration with Otter Creek and distributed through them.  It was a perfectly balanced IPA.  Great flavor and good mix of sweet and bitter hops.  You get a lot of the grapefruit and mango that cut through the bitterness.  The downside, it was $18 for a 4 pack.  Great beer, but to me not worth the cash, better options out there.

Maine/Alagash collab 2013 Ale – 5.5% Maine Beer Company and Allagash are two great breweries.  I was expecting great things and was let down.  This tasted like a fresher version of budweiser.  I think they just tried too many things and it didn’t work.

Boulevard Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel Quad – 11.8% Quad in Bourbon barrels.  Honestly I had low expectations.  It was $12 for 12%, barrel aged 22oz bottle.  It goes down incredibly smooth for a beer of such high alcohol.  It is cherry, vanilla and oak mashed up with a great quad.  It just works, pick it up.

Founder’s Backwoods Bastard – 10.2% Scotch Ale in Bourbon.  Founder’s is just a great value brewery.  I don’t think you can ever go wrong with their brews.  This brew definitely lives up to the hype.  Very viscious beer with strong roasty malts.  The bourbon barrels flavors work perfectly with this malty brew.

Jack’s Abbey Kiwi Rising 8.5% American Double / Imperial Pilsner.  Jack’s Abbey has been impressing me recently.  Full of flavor and great value.  This 22oz was $4.50.  I think of this as a mix between and IPA and Sam Adams Boston Lager.  Perfectly balanced mix of the two.  Try it if you like either of those and you will be happy.

Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout – Honestly, I just never had a milk stout before.  So, had to test it out.  It is good, but not my favorite type of stout.  Think of a coffee with milk and milk chocolate mixed with some alcohol and mild roasted flavor.  It is a little sweet for me and I prefer my coffee black, but if you like these, give it a try.

Since they are in the picture.  Founders Breakfast stout and Maine Lunch – fantastic beers.  The top of each of their categories.

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