Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky Review

Nikka Coffey Grain WhiskyI am going a little out of my norm here.  This is a Japanese Whisky.  The difference here is that it is a single grain.  They purchased some fancy old coffey stills(look them up) and started making this to blend.  Normally a single corn grain whisky is used for blending and toning down some of the harshness of scotches.  The Japanese palate is much softer than the rest of the world.  One day, they decided they would bottle this as well.

This is a really unique whisky.  I would place it between a Irish Whisky, Rye and Bourbon.  It is not peaty, so take that out of your mind.  It is a smooth, sweet, delicious drink.

The nose is closest to a bourbon.  Sweet oakiness with a bit of corn syrup notes.  It is very fresh and clean.

With the flavor I get a lot of fresh apple with some melon and corn syrup.  Then, the vanilla and oak comes out with the sweetness before it balanced out.  You do not really get a hint of alcohol at all.  It is the first time I will say the bourbon tastes fresh.  Similar to the difference of drinking an IPA a day after bottling or a year down the line.  It could just be the lightness of this whiskey as it is brewed more for Japanese palates.

At $60 a bottle it is a 8/10 for value.  It is something different and I am intrigued/excited of what is coming out of Japan.

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