Russian River Brewing Review

Russian River is one of those top breweries in the US where almost everything is a unicorn or extremely high priced(and sells).  They produce beers like Pliny the Younger which is ranked as one of the top few beers in the US.  All of the beers have alluded me for many years.  They do not distribute they beers to MA.  Finally, the beer gods opened the sky and blessed me with some of their offering.

Supplication – 7% and $8.50 a glass.  Now, this is a brew.  I have never really been big into sour beers.  This beer hits the spot though.  It is a brown ale aged in pinot noir barrels with sour cherries and souring agents.  The pinot, oak and cherries balance the sourness of the bear perfectly.  It is tanic, bitter, delicious.  If you see this beer, try it.  There really is not much like it.

Blind Pig IPA – 6.1% alcohol $25 a glass.  Honestly, there is no way in hell I would pay $25 for a glass.  Luckily, the guy at Public House San Francisco allowed me to taste it at no charge.  Result: disappointment .  The price has to be set due to the rarity, it is not for the flavor.  The IPA was hoppy with some citrus and pine notes.  But, besides that it fell short.  It was one note and just hit a small part of the pallet.  It felt like it was scared of my pallet, it does not linger at all.

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