Review: Parker’s Heritage Promises of Hope

PHC promises of hopeI have been looking forward to this bourbon all year.  Craig Beam, Heaven Hill’s master distiller,’s father Parker Beam has been battling ALS for a while now.  So, they have decided to donate $20 per bottle with this year’s premium Parker selection.  My grandfather lost his battle to ALS many years ago, so it is something that I have a personal connection to as well.  Even if this was designated to be a poor bourbon, I would have purchased it for the cause.  Luckily enough, they have attached a good cause to a fantastic bourbon.

This year’s selection is a 10 year old, 98 proof bourbon.

This is one of the most balanced bourbons I have come across to date.  From the nose, to the initial palate you will find a great balance of caramel, fruit and spice.  I found a bit more earthiness and vanilla in the nose than I did in the flavor of the bourbon.
Once the first explosion of flavor hits, the bourbon mellows our with the taste of oak.

What I find disappointing in this bourbon is the finish.  There is no viscosity to this bourbon and it does not linger on your palate.  It makes you wanting more soon after you finished your first sip.  I guess it is a good thing for sales, but not for my wallet.  For me, it is important to have that lingering finish, so it a large factor in my score.

Value Score: 6/10

Overall Flavor: 89/100

Given the cause of this bourbon, the my personal value score was 9/10.


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