Review: E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof

eh taylor barrel proofBarrel Proofs are the bourbons that I look forward to the most.  I want a bourbon with the most flavor possible and in general, I have found the best coming from barrel proof selections.  So, I was excited to get my hands on E.H Taylor’s newer selection.  E.H Taylor’s bourbon has increased in quality with each newer selection.

This has the deep, dark color you look for in a barrel proof and expect at 134.5 Proof.

You can smell the figs, clove and spiciness straight from the bat.

For a barrel proof, this is a well balanced bourbon.  I get a bunch of molasses, apples and oak that keep this bourbon smooth for its proof.  You do feel the hit of this bourbon on your palate. I definitely suggest just a touch of water in your glass with this.  The taste I least prefer is a cough syrup flavor that lingers.  It takes over from the flavors I like and look for in a bourbon.

It is still a good bourbon, but I would rather a Elijah Craig BP or Bookers, especially at the lower cost.

Value 6.5/10

Flavor 82/100


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