Review: American Trappist Spencer Ale

Today I finally open my first bottle of the Spencer Ale from St. Joseph’s.  St Joseph’s is the first American monastery to receive the Trappist seal and ability to brew authentic Trappist ales.  It has taken about 7-8 years of approvals, but everything was finalized in December.

I am excited for something of this significance to happen for the first time.  Besides this, the only Trappist beers are available in Europe.

The beer itself is extremely refreshing.  I would put this is a mix between other Trappist beers I have had and a hefeweizen.  The flavors that dominate are yeast, grass and orange.  You will find a good mix of them as nothing dominates the palate and every flavor comes off fresh.

My drawback from this beer is the cost.  At $19.99 for a 4 pack this is just not worth it.  The beer itself is nice and refreshing, but spend your money elsewhere until it comes down a bit in cost.  Keep up the brewing as this is a good beer, it just needs some tweaks to be a great beer.

Value: 5/10

Overall Flavor 86/100

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