Review E.H. Taylor Tornado Surviving Bourbon Warehouse C

CThe guy who said, “Oh shit! A tornado ripped apart our Rickhouse.  Eh, let’s just leave it in there and see what happens”  Is a genius.  This is how you make a rare, and unique bourbon.

Bourbon get’s it’s unique flavor from many different characteristics.  It is not just the flavor of the juice and the amount of time in the barrels.  The char, temperature, atmosphere, and elements.  The higher the temperature, the more alcohol evaporates, and the higher the proof of the spirit.  The more of a temperate change, the more the wood expands and contracts.  This pushes bourbon deeper inter the barrels which pulls more sugars into the whiskey.  As well, if the barrel is exposed to salt air, rain, snow, or winds that will change the flavors as well.

In the spring of 2006 a tornado ripped through the grounds and did considerable damage to two warehouses (B and C).  Warehouse B held no barrels at the time, but Warehouse C held 24,000 barrels.  Now, they are all exposed to the elements and considerably higher temperatures.  EHT Tornado comes from 93 barrels in the top levels of Warehouse C.  Given the extreme conditions 64-5% of this whiskey had evaporated and only 35-6% was left.

The nose of this has a good amount of fruit and spice.  More of a fig and raisin smell.  It is actually a great smelling whiskey

The spice hits right away in the taste as well.  You get pronounced cinnamon, rye spice and some nutmeg.  You can taste the heat of this bourbon right away.  It mellows a bit into some dark fruit(cherry, fig, raisin) and berry.  You can also find a hint of caramel, wood and sweetness towards the end.  The flavors finish off with wood, spice and bitterness.

Overall I give it an 8/10.  I like the EH Taylor Barrel Proof best, but this is not far behind.

Value is about a 7/10.  $70 a bottle is steep.  But, for the story and rarity it is worth it.  This is the perfect bourbon to have at a bar to say you have tried it.

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