Stone Punishment Review

Punishment - Stone

Stone Brewing Co.
Chili Beer
One time release

Stone offers some of my favorite beers.  Double Bastard Ale has been one of my favorite beers for a long time.  Now, when I heard that they were taking this beer, aging it in bourbon barrels and then adding pounds of chili… saying excited comes no where near my pleasure.  Those have to be three of my favorite things.

Punishment comes in at 12% alcohol, 82 IBUs, aged in bourbon and loaded with mild jalapenos, hot black nagas and scorpion peppers.

Like many of Stone’s offerings THIS BEER IS NOT FOR THE FEINT OF HEART.  If you do not like heat, if you do not like spicy food, if you do not like overwhelming flavor; you are not worthy of this beer.

Now, if you look this up on beer advocate or another beer rating site, the reviews are horrible.   I believe they actually get rating of poor.  The thing with these rating sites is that many of Stone’s beer is not meant for the masses.  St0ne’s philosophy is to push the boundaries of beer and what people think of beer.  Stone Pale Ale, at the time, was thought to be way beyond the hop content people would ever like.  Now, you see the revolution of IPAs since that point.  Stone’s Pale Ale… pales in comparison to some of these 200 IBU monsters.

S – Once you take the first smell of this beer, you will start to understand that there is some heat to it.  It does not actually hit you how much until the flavor.  In addition to the capsicum hitting your nose, you will smell fresh jalapenos, a nice sweet malt and just a hint of vanilla.

T – When the beer hits your tongue that sweetness of caramel and malt with light hops and pepper flavor hit your tongue.  The caramel comes out a bit more throughout the rest of your tongue.  Once you swallow, the burn starts.  The burn starts off slow, but intensify’s quickly.  Once the shock factor of the heat slows, take another sip.  You will find a some dark fruit flavor and oak.

Overall, this is a great beer.  I will say that it is the only beer that takes me about 2 hours to drink.  Take your time, enjoy it.  If you rush this beer, you will most likely not like it the same.

Rating 9/10

Value 7/10 – At $23 a beer, it is very expensive.  Understanding what goes into this, you know why the cost is so high.

My recommendation is to get a group of people together if you want to try this.  If you enjoy very spicy foods and explosions of flavor you can see if you are worthy of enjoying a full bottle.  This is one bottle I personally, wished was produced more.

Punishment - Stone

One response to “Stone Punishment Review

  1. Wicked stuff! You’d really want to have an iron gut! Love finding new beers that experiment with the ‘not-so-typical’ beer flavourings.
    great post mate!

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