Booker’s 25th Anniversary Bourbon Review


Booker’s 25th Anniversary Bourbon
Proof: 130.8 Proof
Age: 10y 3m
Price: $100

I have to say from the start.  I have a little soft spot for Booker’s.  This is the brand that had me change my perception on what bourbon really could taste like.  It’s a bit harsh, it’s full of flavor and has everything I like about bourbon, amplified.

The great thing about Booker’s 25th is that this is the last released bourbon that Booker ever touched.  Booker Noe told his son Fred, with some of his last words not to screw up his Booker’s… and he has not here.  This is an honor to the memory of his passing.

Booker’s 25th is truly a limited edition batch.  This is produced once, with only 6000 bottles.  It is also aged for 10 years, instead of the normal 6-8 year Booker’s.  You will still get the bold flavors as this is an uncut, unfiltered barrel proof bourbon.

Taste – There is a great sweet, oaky characteristic that I do not find in normal Booker’s. Right away I get the cinnamon and clove taste, with a hint of sweet spices in the background.  You then find that deep, caramel flavor that engulfs your palate.  Towards the end of your sip the oak richness takes over and leaves a nice warm oaky smoothness.  You will definitely find a lot more oak in this that normal Booker’s.  As well, for the proof it is not nearly as harsh.  I have to cut Booker’s to drink it, but I could leave Booker’s 25th alone and sip if I wanted.

Overall: 9/10

Price: $100 a bottle, this still stays at 8.5/10.  I would prefer two bottles of Elijah Craig Barrel proof and 2.5 bottles of Booker’s(found one store with it for $40)  But you can’t find many Bourbons that are this good, uncut and barrel proof.

If you see this, buy it.  It has not sat on the shelves and no one has been unhappy at this $100 purchase.

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