Rittenhouse Rye Gets a New Label

I am not sure how many of you subscribe to whiskey list, so thought I would throw it on here:


Taken directly from the Bardstown Barrelhouse Chronicle

There’s a new look coming to Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whisky. The words say pretty much what the old label said, but the design is new. Well, not totally new. It’s a little old, too. Retro. That’s the word we’re looking for. We kept some key elements that have been part of the Rittenhouse look since Gramps was a kid back in the 30s and made them fit the mood of today.

The distinctive diamond design is dominant. That’s been around almost as long as the name Rittenhouse. There’s stronger emphasis on the Bottled-in-Bond designation, too. That’s an important assurance of the brand’s quality. With a growing number of mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts appreciating how important these qualities are in drink recipes, the label needs to display them prominently. And finally, the retro “feel” reflects a little of the history and heritage of Rittenhouse Rye. Not only is Rittenhouse an important brand in Heaven Hill’s portfolio of great American whiskeys, but the straight rye itself was the first true American whiskey. 

Rye was the subject of the Whisky Rebellion in 1791 and remained popular all the way up to Prohibition in the 1960s. George Washington himself produced large quantities of it. For America’s early settlers, it was easy to grow on the east coast and therefore was an everyday drink.

For a number of years, Rye—in general—went into hiding. Demand dropped off and supply diminished as drinkers moved to blended whiskey and eventually Bourbon.

In more recent years, though, there’s been a renewed interest in Rye as a younger audience is “re-discovering” it. Today, production is up and Rye, once again, is a highly popular choice. Mixologists appreciate how its taste holds its own against an almost endless array of cocktail ingredients and “purists” simply enjoy it over ice or with a splash of water.

The new package will begin appearing on shelves in retail stores and at fine bars and restaurants this May.

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