William Larue Weller 2013 Review


William Larue Weller
Buffalo Trace
12 year
136.2 proof

It is interesting to see the differences in WLW, Weller12 and Van Winkle 12.  They are all currently distilled by Buffalo Trace, with the same wheat forward mash bill.  Though the all have very different flavor profiles.  On the outside, the only difference is that WLW is about 30% higher in alcohol than the other, similar options.  The main differences are the location of the rickhouses, where the barrels are located inside of them and the char grade.  WLW2013 was aged on the third and fourth floors of warehouses M and P (http://www.buffalotracemediakit.com/pdf/Antique%20Collection%202013%20News%20Rls%20FINAL%208-21-13.pdf ).

While VW 12 year Lot B, 2013 was sweet caramel, orange forward with light spice and oak.  WLWeller 12 is more of a butterscotch, banana and stronger oak flavor.

William Larue Weller:
Color:  deep toffee copper brown.

Mouth feel: Silky, oily, viscous mouth.

Flavor: Initially you are excited by dark, chewy caramel.  Then a thick cinnamon clove with backgrounds of clove and other spices.  There is a hint of brown sugar and date as well.  The spice really takes over your palate, but it does not overwhelm.  The alcohol really does not present itself.

The finish is dry and about 10 seconds long.  The cinnamon resonates even afterwards.

Overall – 8.5/10 – it would have been a bit higher is the spice was a little less.

Value – For the $80 retail it is a 10/10.  There is nothing like it as no wheaters are close to its proof.
Outside of retail it is a 7.5/10 on the secondary market.  Every year before this one has been 9/10 and much more worth the secondary market price.

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