Review: 1989 Old Grand Dad Bottled in Bond – National Distillers

bib ogd 1989

Old Grand Dad Bottled in Bond
1989 bottling
National Distillers
High Rye Recipe
100 Proof

Old Grand-Dad brand was originally established in the late 19th century. After Prohibition, it returned as part of National Distillers. It became a Beam brand when the two companies merged in 1987. Of the many bourbons Beam acquired in that transaction, the original recipe was retained for only one; Old Grand-Dad. The rest (Old Crow, Old Taylor, etc.) became Beam juice.  Now, that does not mean that the flavor did not change with the move.

Thinking of it now, I should have done a side by side tasting against the current juice.  But, at this point I don’t care and am really enjoying this bourbon.

Nose: Initially you are hit in the face with butterscotch.  You may believe that you have had butterscotch in the nose before, but this is a new level of that creamy, caramel deliciousness.  My wife makes Haystacks for an event every year and this has a very similar nose.

Initial taste: This bursts with butterscotch again on the palate.  I get a mild green apple, vanilla and soft oak that comes along as well.

Finish: The bourbon finishes with some pepper, burnt caramel and a nice heat.  It has a medium viscosity, and soft finish.  It does not linger on your palate long, but my mouth waters for more after each taste.

Overall: A fantastic bourbon, something I wish was the current BIB OGD.  9/10

Value: This would most likely go on the secondary market for about $200.  This will bring it down only a point to 8/10.  This is a fantastic bourbon that you should at least try at some point in your life.


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