Review: Four Roses Barrel Proof OESQ

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Four Roses Barrel Proof Single Barrel OESQ
Selected by Cambridge Spirits
113.6 Proof

Finally, some barrel strength four roses is coming to Mass.  I will have to try Julio’s and Redstone’s when they are here, but this is the first Mass offering that I have tried.  As, I have not as much to compare it to, I will go straight to the review.

Nose: Raisin, Cinnamon, Cherry and when you more a bit further away you will find oak

Initial Taste: It starts with a light fruity and vanilla sweetness.  It is a mixture of floral and dark fruits (banana, cherry and some melon).  There is a creamy mouth feel and a mild buttery mouthfeel.  After the initial flavors, cinnamon and oak shine through and take over.

Finish: Once the cinnamon and oak soften, the banana comes back for a final show.  The finish is about 10 seconds and cinnamon stays throughout.  There is no alcohol burn, even thought it is over 110 proof.  It is a very smooth finish.

I am surprised that I find no floral notes in this as it is one of the main attributes that Four Roses advertises in this bourbon.

Overall: It is hard as there is not much I can compare it with currently.  I do enjoy the drink and will give it a 8.5/10

Value: For $55 a bottle, I would just slightly drop it to an 8/10.  I definitely recommend to get one and try it for yourself.

Cambridge Spirits, Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

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