Personalized Old Forester BIB 1963 DSP 414 Review

OF BIB DSP 414 100 proof

May 27, 2015 our first child was born.  So, of course I had to crack something special from the cellar.  This is a personalized Bonded Old Forester bottle for the Trans Cold Express.  The tax strip was missing, so the bottling date had to be based from the bottle not for resale, the manufacturer, no UPC, 4/5 quart and when this was made.  Though, it could be a bit earlier.

I would say that this is one of the best old bourbons I had cracked.  Normally, it needs a couple months to open up a bit before that must  mellow, or mild flavor matures a bit.  Right out the gate, this was phenominal.  I poured a dram for myself and poured two 2.5 oz sample bottles for me and my daughter to drink when she was old enough.  If she is, or isn’t a whiskey drinker in the future, she will still enjoy this.

Color – A beast.  One of the top 3 darkest bourbons I have ever seen.

Nose – Great blend of burnt caramel and molasses with nice wood notes

Taste – Superbly rich bomb of caramel with strong wood and vanilla.  Great blend of the 3.  There is a light cherry hint.

Aftertaste – This is a thick, creamy bourbon so it sticks on your palate.  You are excited that this stays on your palate for so long.

Overall – 94/100, there is nothing I do not like about this bourbon.

Find these bourbons.  The 86 proofs are fine, but these bonded DSP 414s are so good.  The perfect mix of everything you love with Bourbon.


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