Buffalo Trace Distillery – Warehouse X Experiments

The first round of barrels in Buffalo Trace’s new experimental Warehouse X have been resting for a full year now, and are already providing interesting experimental insights.

Warehouse X is comprised of four independently operating chambers that will allow specific variables, including natural light, temperature, humidity and air flow, to be tested, in order to determine how different atmospheric environments affect aging bourbon. The warehouse also contains a barrel breezeway with an open air rick that will allow a small number of barrels to age while being exposed to the natural elements.

The first experiment currently being conducted is measuring the natural effects of sunlight on aging bourbon barrels.

Distillery experts are measuring the temperature and humidity inside each of the four chambers and breezeway, as well as inside one barrel in each chamber and the breezeway. They are also measuring the temperature and humidity outside of Warehouse X.

 Just within the last year, the Distillery has recorded 40,000 different data points and registered temperatures ranging from 105 degrees down to -10 degrees.

Recent samplings have been enlightening and have assured tasters that this large scale experiment is right on track for yielding valuable knowledge and expertise with future results.

“We’re only one year into this experiment and we already have lots of information to analyze,” Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley said. “Findings to date have assured us that we’re on the right path to some enlightening discoveries.”

The first barrels were rolled into the experimental warehouse on June 18, 2014, with this experiment planned to run for a minimum of two years from the time the barrels entered Warehouse X.

No solid conclusions can be drawn just yet, but exciting observations are being noted. More information about Warehouse X can be found at www.experimentalwarehouse.com.

Additionally, Buffalo Trace’s 1st experimental “Farm to Table” corn crop is growing very nicely, click on links below to see pictures of the corn growing.

http://inudocs.buffalotrace.com/corn Field.JPG

http://inudocs.buffalotrace.com/High Corn.JPG

Source: Buffalo Trace Distillery

I am excited that this is being looked at in a larger level.  With the success of the EH Taylor Tornado, it makes sense that they delve into this a bit more.  I for one am excited to see how these come together.  The elements has always been known to effect the whiskey, soon we will know how.  Keep it up Buffalo Trace


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