Jefferson’s Ocean Cask Strength

I will start by saying Jefferson’s ocean annoys me.  I love the concept, but hate the execution.  IF YOU ARE DOING A “Aged at Ocean concept” CONTROL THE VARIABLES!  Don’t send it on a ship that will hit every hemisphere and tons of different temperature changes.  Choose one that has some back and forth between the same areas to create a control to see how you would to change things.  I am a man of structure with controlled chaos.  So, now you have an inconsistent product that is normally has too much of a mild(or heavy in the earlier issues) briny flavor, that you don’t know how to control.

So, what do they do when they have no clue how to make it better as it is?  Let’s make it as cask strength!  Cask strength is the new craze, some brands are extremely successful with their offerings while some newer ones are not working out.  It is more of people saying, hey people love this cask strength bourbon, let’s charge more and just do the same?  They aren’t taking the time to find the right strength, location, or recipe of theirs that would work for that type of bourbon.  I absolutely love when a cask strength is done right, but I have a feeling that the field will quickly be diluted with them and it will be harder to find the winners in the bunch.

So, Jefferson’s Ocean is jumping on the cask strength band wagon as their normal offerings aren’t flying off the shelves.  We will see how it turns out, but I am not too excited for it.  It’s a marketing ploy to a novelty… on a novelty.

So, with all that said?  What would I really do differently?  I would start by sending a ship to England and back from Boston and s ship from Florida to Argentina and back.  The ship would be only for the bourbon and nothing else.  There would be a level of barrels on the top open to the elements and a layer of barrels on the bottom closed to the elements.  Then, we would track the temperature changes and turbulence changes with each of the boats.  You could control the turbulence with a special rigging, but then the pricing would get too expensive and the bourbon probably would not be worth it.  Better tests need to happen to make this any more than a marketing make money.  What would you do?

The bourbon matters.


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