EH Taylor 12 year Four Grain

How can I hide the excitement I have for not being excited?  On one hand, I love the product BT is putting out with the EH Taylor line.  It really has everything I look for in my whiskey.  Spicy, sweet and makes me happy.  I am also very excited for a 12 year age statement that should be on this bottle as well.  In the age of less and less age statements, it is great to see more around.  Odd, that they hide it on the back in the description though.


(from TTB: TTB COLA )

What does not excite me is a four grain bourbon.  Who cares?  It has corn, rye, wheat and barley?  Whoopdee fuckin doo. What makes this unique and what makes this desired is still to be seen.  Will I be looking to sample this?  Of course, I love the whole EH Taylor line.  Will it be good?  Most likely yes.  But, come on marketing people.  Do something for me.  Get me excited.


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