About me

Let’s get this straight.  I am not a writer.  Hell, I barely know English.  So, if there is a spell or grammatical error, deal with it 🙂

Now, with that being said.  I am a very passionate 30 year old man who knows, and loves his vises.  I spend more money than I probably should on bourbon, beer and food.  Definitely more than the average person.  I hunt down those rare gems and look for the best values.  If there is something that I have yet to try, I will.  My philosophy is; I never know if I will find my new favorite thing unless I try it all.  Your benefit; my mistakes will not be replicated by you.

Tasting Notes: Most websites will mention that X bourbon will have currant notes or Y beer tastes like grapefruit and elderberry.  Do you taste the same thing?  Do you and your buddies all have the same taste buds? No.  I will go more into the value of the drink, than the tasting notes.  Sure, ill say a bit of what I may taste, but honestly, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is if you can compare the value of your favorite beverage to this other one.

Please post comments.  I may not care what you have to say, but more information the better!



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